Welcome to the ambulatory clinics of specialist physician Plamen Brusarski.

On our homepage you will get an insight into the possibilities that our day clinics, offer both to patients and physicians alike. Today’s sophisticated surgical techniques and modern anesthesia procedures make it possible, many interventions from the fields of general and trauma surgery, as well as gynecology and others to be performed outpatient. That means, that the patient can be released home on the day of surgery and does not have to be stationed in the clinic. The spectrum of treatment options of our facilities ranges from outpatient and day-care clinics to inpatient procedures. After surgery our patients can recover in our comfortable rehabilitation rooms, before departing home a few hours later. We do everything to make the short stay of our patients pleasurable as possible.

As a patient you have the possibility to be treated by a physician of your choice.

We look forward to your visit.

With Best Regards

Plamen Brusarski and his team

Klinik an der Galluswarte

Mainzer Landstraße 265
60326 Frankfurt am Main

Telephone: 069 97 39 15 37
Telefax: 069 97 39 15 39

OP Zentrum Offenbach

Rowentastraße 2
63071 Offenbach am Main

Telephone: 069 8237 8251
Telefax: 069 8237 8253

Klinik am Schloßgarten

Weißenburger Straße 44
63739 Aschaffenburg

Telephone: 06021 580 51 24
Telefax: 06021 580 51 26

E-Mail: info@tagesklinikenammain.de